First off apply a base coat. I used Sally Hansen’s “Double Duty Base and Top Coat”.


Then apply a black nail polish as a base color. I used Sinful Colors “Black on Black”.


Next, paint two white dots in two corners of your nails. These dots will be the centers of the flowers. I used a liner brush and Sinful Colors “Snow me White”. You can always use a small dotting tool. Acrylic paint would make the overall design easier.


Next, using the same liner brush, paint three small lines on one side of the dots to create the petals.


Repeat the last step on the other side of the dots.


Then, using a striper brush and the same white color, paint some thin lines going around the flowers. At first I only painted a few to make an outline for the rest of the lines. Add some small white dots in any empty space that is leftover.

IMG_0311     IMG_0312

Apply a top coat. I used Sally Hansen’s “Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat”.


Your manicure is finished!