Start off by applying a base coat. I used Sally Hansen’s “Double Duty Base and Top Coat”.


Then, apply a base color of your choice. I used Sinful Colors “Rich in Heart”.


Next, using a liner brush and red acrylic paint or nail polish, paint four humps at the middle of the nail for feathers. I used Apple Barrel’s “Bright Red”.

Then, using an orange polish or acrylic paint, do the same process only slightly lower down. I used Apple Barrel’s “Pumpkin Orange”.


Then, using a large dotting tool, place a brown dot towards the top center of the orange colored area for the turkey’s head. I used Delta Ceramcoat’s “Autumn Brown”.


Next, using the same brown color and a line brush, paint the body of the turkey by painting two curved lines coming from both sides of the brown dot and going down ward.

Then, using a small dotting tool, place two white eyes in the center of the head. I used Apple Barrel’s “White”.


Then, using an even smaller dotting tool, place two black dots in the center of the white dots previously created.


Next, using a liner brush and the same orange color used before, paint a small triangle slightly below the eyes to create a beak.


Then, using the same red color as before and a liner brush, paint a small curved line coming from the beak for the turkey’s snood.


Lastly, apply a top coat. I used Sally Hansen’s “Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat”.


Your Thanksgiving manicure is finished!