Start off with a base coat. I used Essie’s “Grow Stronger” base coat.


I applied Jenna Hipp’s “Marshmallow Fondant” to my ring finger nails and “Thin Mint” to the rest of my nails.


Baby Chick Nail:

With a yellow polish as the base color, paint a white zig-zag line going across the nail about halfway on the nail. I used Apple Barrel’s “White” acrylic paint and Winstonia’s “Short” striping brush.


Fill in one side of the line. I used Winstonia’s “Fine Line” to do this.


Place two black dots for the eyes higher up on the yellow half of the nail. I used Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear “Black Out” and small sized dotting tool.


Then paint a small orange upside down triangle below the black eyes. I used Jenna Hipp’s “Creme de Cantaloupe” and Winstonia’s “Fine Line” brush.


Spring Floral Nails:

On a base color of your choice, paint different kinds and colors of flowers all over the nail. I started off by painting a light pink flower by creating painting pointed oval shapes in a circle. I used Delta Ceramcoat’s “Hydrangea Pink” acrylic paint and Winstonia’s “Fine Line” brush.


Then, roughly and lightly outline that flower in a darker pink and place a circle in the center and lightly drag in outwards toward the tip of the petals. I used Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails “Heart of Stone” and Winstonia’s “Berry Wine” brush.


For the next type of flower, place five dots around in a circle. I used Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails “No Hard Feelings” and a medium sized dotting tool.


Then, place a dot in the center of that flower. I used Jenna Hipp’s “Marshmallow Fondant” and a smaller dotting tool.


For the next type of flower, I used the same “Fine Line” brush and Jenna Hipp’s “Creme de Cantaloupe” and painted a cross and then an X intersecting that cross.


Then, place three very small dots in the center of that flower. I used the same white acrylic paint and a very small dotting tool.


For the rest of this design, I repeated the same types of flowers in different colors, with some halfway off the nail and some overlapping.

Lastly, apply top coat over all of your nails. I used Essie’s “Gel-Setter” top coat.


Your Spring Easter Nails are finished!

Video Tutorial on YouTube: