Start off with a base coat. I used Essie’s “Grow Stronger” base coat.


Apply a white nail polish as the base color, I do this so that the ombre colors are more opaque, you could also paint the nails one of the ombre colors or paint half of the nail one color and the other half the other color. I used Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear “White on”.


On a makeup/cosmetic sponge, paint two nail polish colors parallel to each other and slightly overlapping. I used a Sephora mini that I do not have the name for and Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails “No Hard Feelings”.


With the makeup sponge, sponge it on the nail with and up and down motion. I did this step twice after letting the first time dry. Don’t sponge too much at one time or you will end up picking up color rather than putting it down.


With a thin striping brush and a black color, paint thin horizontal lines going across the nail. I used Winstonia’s “Fine Line” and Apple Barrel’s “Black” acrylic paint.


To create the palm leaves, paint a slightly curved line going diagonally across most of the nails for the stem. Then, for the leaves, place the brush down, coming off the sides of the stem, and add less pressure going away from the stem. I used Winstonia’s “Short” brush and Essie’s “Trophy Wife”.


With a darker color, slightly outline palm leaves. Do this by outlining only the bottom of each leaf and by painting a thinner line going down the stem.


Lastly, apply top coat and clean up around the nails. I used Essie’s “Gel-Setter” top coat, a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover and the “Nail Polish Removal Pen” from the Born Pretty Store in order to clean up the nail polish closer to the nail and cuticle.


Your Tropical Nails are finished!

Video Tutorial on YouTube: