Start off with a base coat, I used Essie’s “Grow Stronger” base coat.


Apply a robin egg blue type color as your base color. I used a Simple Pleasure’s mini that I don’t have the name for but there are so manny dupes for this color.


With a white color and a striping brush, paint a line going vertically slightly off to one side of the nail. I used Apple Barrel’s “White” acrylic paint and Winstonia’s “Long” striping brush.


Using the same materials, paint a horizontal line towards the tip of the nail.


To paint the bow, start by painting two small curved lines coming off of the bottom half of the point of intersection of the lines. I used Winstonia’s “Fine Line” brush.


On the top half of the point of intersection, paint two semicircles or ovals.


Using a slow drying clear polish/base/top coat, place a small amount over the point of intersection. Place the tip of a welding/dotting tool in the clear polish to pick up the rhinestone and place it on the area with the clear coat. I used Love My Nails “Base/Top Coat” and MASH’s welding tool. (Sorry I forgot to take a picture)

Lastly, apply a top coat. I used Essie’s “Gel-Setter” top coat.


Your Tiffany and Co. Nails are finished!

Video Tutorial on YouTube: