Start off with a base coat, I used Revlon’s “Quick Dry Base Coat.”


Apply a dark or navy blue polish as the night sky, I used MAC’s “Midnight Ocean.”


With different metallic colors of your choice, paint different shapes as fireworks. Place a dot as the center of the firework for all of the fireworks. I used a welding tool, Essie’s “Jiggle hi, jiggle lo”, Avon Nail Metallics mini (no name), Emori’s Xtreme Wear “Metallic Blue”, “Silver”, “Dream Girl”, and Orly’s “Shimmering Mauve.”

For the first kind of firework,  paint four small lines coming off of the dot.


Then add longer lines in the spaces with no lines around the circle and if you have enough space you can add longer lines above the shorter lines.


For the next type of firework add curved lines coming downwards around the dot and coming off from the left and right of the dot.


For the last type of firework simply add lines coming out from the dot.


In any of the blank spaces left on the nail, add stars that are the same colors as the fireworks on that nail. Do this by creating a small vertical line and then a small horizontal line intersecting that. Try to make it thick where they intersect but it is difficult because of how small they are.


Lastly, apply a top coat, I used Revlon’s “Extra Life No Chip Top Coat.”


Your firework nails are finished!

Video Tutorial on YouTube:


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