Start off by applying a base coat, I used Seche Clear’s “Crystal Clear Base Coat.”


Then, apply a base color of your choice, I used Sinful Colors’ “Snow me White.”


I couldn’t really take multiple pictures of me creating the Nike symbol but it is basically a curved out check mark that gets thinner towards the tips. If that doesn’t make sense then please watch my tutorial! I used Winstonia’s “Berry Wine” brush and Apple Barrel’s “Black” acrylic paint.


I only did the symbol on one nail as the accent nail so I then applied glitter that matched my color scheme to the rest of my nails. I used a welding tool to place the glitter and Emori’s “Thunder.”


Apply a glossy top coat, I used Seche Vite’s “Dry Fast Top Coat.”


Lastly, apply a matte top coat to get the perfect finish, I used OPI’s “Matte Top Coat.”


Your Nike Nails are finished!

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