Start off with a base coat, I used Seche Clear’s “Crystal Clear Base Coat.”


Apply a base color of your choice, I chose a green color for St. Patrick’s Day. I used a Sally Girl with no name #812165.


To start the three leaf clovers place three sets of dots, one set horizontally towards the tip and the other two sets on each side vertically. I used a medium sized dotting tool and Sinful Colors’ “Happy Ending.”


With a smaller dotting tool turn these dots into heart shapes by adding a triangle shape on the one end on each set of dots.


With a dotting tool create a curved line similar to a “j” for the steams of the clovers.


Lastly, apply a top coat, I used Seche Vite’s “Dry Fast Top Coat.”


Your St. Patrick’s Day three leaf clover nails are finished!

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