Hi everyone! Today’s tutorial are for these simple strawberry nails that are great on any nail shape! I hope you all enjoy! Like, share and follow for more!


Start off by applying a base coat. I used China Glaze’s “Strong Adhesion Base Coat.”


Apply a red polish of your choice, I chose Ulta’s “Dasher.”


With a yellow color and a detail or striper brush, apply thin dots or dashes for the seeds of the strawberry. I used Apple Barrel’s “Yellow” acrylic paint and Winstonia’s “Short” striper brush.


With the same brush and a green color, paint on the leaves of the strawberry. Do this by creating a curve towards the base of the nail that follows the shape, then add leave shapes on from there. I used Craft Smart’s “Crisp Green” acrylic paint.


Lastly, apply a top coat. I used China Glaze’s “No Chip Top Coat.”


Your Strawberry Nails are finished!

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