Hi everyone! This tutorial is on how to create these Honduran Flag Nails. I decided to do this because this is where my family is from and I recently went to visit and wanted to have the flags on my nails while I was there. (Hence why I haven’t been able to upload until now). I hope you all enjoy! As always, all the products used are listed below.


Start off with a base coat, I used China Glaze’s “Strong Adhesion Base Coat.”


Apply a blue polish as the base color. I used Ruby Kisses’ “Schoolgirl Blue.”


With a striper brush and a white color, paint a thick stripe going vertically down the center of the nail. Do this by painting two stripes and then filling in the gap. I used Winstonia’s “Short” striper brush and Apple Barrel’s “White” acrylic paint.


With the same blue color and an XS dotting tool, place five dots where the stars will be painted on this white stripe.


With a detail brush and the blue color paint on the stripes. Do this in a similar way to how you would draw them on a piece of paper. I used Winstonia’s “Berry Wine” brush.


Lastly, apply a top coat. I used China Glaze’s “No Chip Top Coat.”


Your Honduran Flag Nails are finished!

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