Hi everyone! I wanted to do something simple but summery so this is what I got! The flowers were supposed to be in a thick line going down the middle of the nail but it didn’t really turn out like that..


Start off by applying a base coat, I used China Glaze’s “Strong Adhesion Base Coat.”


Apply a base color of your choice, I used Jenna Hipp’s “Tres Parfait.”


With a darker shade of the base color, place flowers in a line vertically down the center of the nail. Paint five dots in a circle to create the flowers. I used an XS dotting tool and Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in “Pep-Plum.”


With the same dotting tool and a metallic color, place a dot in the center of each flower. I used Ulta’s “Twinkling.”


Using a detail brush and a green color or two, place leaves around the flowers, I used Red Carpet’s “Detail Brush” and Jordana’s “Key Lime.”


Lastly, apply a top coat. I used China Glaze’s “No Chip Top Coat.”


Your Floral Line Nails are finished!

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