Hi everyone! This nail tutorial is for back to school with pencil nails! They are super simple and I hope you all enjoy!


Start off by applying a base coat. I used Orly’s “Bonder Rubberized Base Coat.” (Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this).

Apply a yellow polish as the base color. I used Maybelline’s “Fierce N Tangy.”


With a striper brush and an orange color paint a few stripes going vertically on the nails. I used Winstonia’s “Short” Striper brush and Craft Smart’s “Tangerine” acrylic paint.


Then paint a thick stripe of pink polish towards the cuticle of the nail, you can just use the polish brush for this and it doesn’t need to be perfect. I used Orly’s “It’s Not You It’s Me.”


Then paint a thick stripe of silver directly below the pink one. I used the same striper brush and Dazzling Metallics “Shimmering Silver” acrylic paint.


Lastly, apply a top coat. Orly’s “Polishield All-In-One Ultimate Top Coat.”


Your back to school Pencil Nails are finished!

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