Start off with a base coat, I used China Glaze’s “Strong Adhesion Base Coat.”


Apply a base color of your choice, I used Jenna Hipp’s “American Pie.”


Next, apply some of the glue that will come with a foil kit, like the Ciate London foil kit I am using, apply as much or as little as you want. I used Ciate’s “Foil Fix.”


Then, place the foil on the nail, dull side down, and gently press it into the nail. I used the silver foil that was in the kit.


Repeat those steps with as many foils as you’d like. I only added one more foil and it was the pink one that was in the kit.



You can go back in and add more foil if needed. I went back and added some more to the edges of the nails so it looked more complete.


Your foil nails are finished!

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