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Glitter Gradient Nails

Hi everyone! Sorry for being MIA for so long, I have been getting back into the grove of school. I will be uploading the nail videos and picture tutorials that I had time to capture but not edit yet. Hopefully I can get back on schedule very soon! But for now enjoy these super simple Glitter Gradient nails that will look good on any nail shape for any occasion.


Start off by applying a base coat, I used Orly’s “Bonder Rubberized Base Coat.”


Apply a base color of your choice. I used Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in “Pink Pong.”


With a glitter of your choice, apply a light layer over a third of the nail. I used Sephora by OPI in “Only Gold for me Top Coat.”


Apply some of that glitter polish on a makeup sponge and then dab that on to about half of the nail, making it more concentrated as you get towards the tip.


Lastly, apply a top coat, I used Orly’s “Polishield All-In-One Ultimate Top Coat.”


Your super simple Gradient Nails are finished!

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Glitter Gradient Prom Nails


Start off with a base coat, I used Essie’s “Grow Stronger” base coat.


Apply a base color of your choice, or in my case, a color that matches your prom dress. I used Migi’s Nail Art Pen “Baby Blue” (I don’t recommend using this polish, it was extremely difficult to use but it was the only color I had that matched my prom dress).


With a glitter polish of your choice, apply some to the tips of your nails. I started off with a small glitter, I used a mini nail polish by Sephora by OPI that I do not have the name for.IMG_2018

Apply a second layer to the tip of the nail because you want this part of the nail to have the most glitter on it.


Then, wipe a majority of the polish off of the brush and apply some lightly below the tip of the nail to make the gradient effect.


You can stop there or you can add more glitter with a chunkier glitter polish. Apply some of the chunky glitter polish to a makeup sponge or a sponge tip applicator normally used for eyeshadow. I used Emori’s “Silver Glitter”.IMG_2024

Sponge this onto the nail, try to get the bigger pieces of glitter closer to the tip of the nail and the smaller farther from it.


Apply a top coat, I used Essie’s “Gel-Setter” top coat.


Your Glitter Gradient Prom Nails are finished!

Video Tutorial on YouTube:

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