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Seashell Nails | Inspired by @kirakiranial and @nailove2807 on Instagram

Hi everyone! I saw @kirakirnail and @nailove2807 posts on Instagram and I just had to recreate this look! It is completely inspired by them both! All supplies used are listed below as always! I hope you all enjoy!


Start off by applying a base coat, I used China Glaze’s “Strong Adhesion Base Coat.”


Apply a couple coats of a sheer pink polish as the base. I used Forever 21’s “Rose Petal.”


To create the seashell, start off by painting a horizontal line where you wish for it to start on the nail. I Winstonia’s “Short” striper brush and Love My Nails’ “White.”


Then, paint a vertical line coming from the middle of that horizontal line, this should get wider towards the tip.


Simply create similar lines on both sides of this vertical line until you reach the horizontal line. The lines should slightly slant more and more towards the horizontal line.


To apply the pearl in the center of the shell, apply a blob of top coat/gel/nail glue, it is your choice but I went with top coat. Then simply pick up the pearl with a toothpick dipped in top coat or whatever you’re using. I used Pandahall’s “1 Box White Mixed Sizes Flat Back Pearl Cabochon” from Amazon.


Do the same with the rhinestones except place one on each side of the pearl. I used Born Pretty Store’s rhinestone wheel.


Lastly, apply a generous amount of top coat to prolong the wear of the rhinestones and pearl. I used China Glaze’s “No Chip Top Coat.”


Your Seashell Nails are finished!

Video Tutorial on YouTube:


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Carli Bybel Nail Recreation


Start off with a base coat, I used Seche Clear’s “Crystal Clear Base Coat.”


Apply a neutral base color of your choice, I used an OPI mini with no name.


On the pinky and pointer nails paint a sharp triangle french tip. I used Winstonia’s “Short” striper brush and Apple Barrel’s “White” acrylic paint.


On the thumb and middle fingernail, paint a straight line going down the center with the same tools.


On the ring fingernail, paint a half moon line towards the middle of the nail using a detail brush and then a straight line coming from that and going towards the tip. I used Red Carpet’s “Detail Brush”.


Lastly, apply  a top coat, I used Seche Vite’s “Dry Fast Top Coat.”


Video Tutorial on YouTube:


Connect with me:

YouTube Channel:  Isabel Nailed It


Instagram: @isabelnailedit


Facebook: Isabel Nailed It


Twitter: @isabelnailedit


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